Friday, June 3, 2011

First Impressions Friday (5)

First Impressions is a meme hosted here at Within Pages where we take a look at all things, mostly booky, and reflect on our initial thoughts. Non-bloggers, non-book bloggers, and everyone alike can participate. Feel free to drop your links or thoughts in the comments!

The cover for Julie Kagawa's The Iron Knight (Iron Fey #4) was released this week!

This is the first book to feature a male face on the cover. It is also very in line with the look and feel of the other covers in the series and the blue is a beautiful shade. Of the three covers, this color is absolutely my favorite. I am pretty vain, I do love a pretty cover and this is just so easy to look at. And the color of is his eyes and the intensity just set of the whole mood. I have The Iron King (Book 1) in my TBR pile at the moment so I cannot comment on the book, but as always, I can admire a beautiful cover. This cover is followed in the series closely by The Iron Daughter as the series best. The Passage books that are included in their series have a similar feel but their own style and aren't considered.

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