Friday, June 3, 2011

Announcement: The Blogger

The best thing about blogging is that there is someone real behind the blog. In that sense, blogging is personal and we always strive to remind bloggers to blog for themselves. So, I'm stealing a moment away from books to explain the delay in reviews.

I know that I post them slowly, but I do strive for once a week at least. All the same, yesterday I had decided to do my review for The Replacement when I returned home from work. I left my laptop on the couch as always with some tabs still open and I locked the door behind my boyfriend and we left for work.

I came home a few hours later and found my door busted in and through the screen door, I noticed immediately that my laptop was missing. Approximately, half an hour after I left for work, someone broke into my home stealing my new laptop, tore my jewlery box apart stealing my grandmother's ring and my boyfriend's grandfather's ring, with a handful of other important pieces. They also managed to steal an old wallet, thankfully it was not the one my credit cards or SS cards or anything like that was in.

It was devastating but I know that it could be much worse. In truth, the thief was so hasty he threw my pearl necklace and earrings into the floor so I was able to salvage them while cleaning his mess. But all the same, it has left me (and coupled with the emergency that I had last Friday) mentally and emotionally exhausted. I have spent so long cleaning to get his presence out of my house but one room is finished and I am thankful that he left our desktop computers. So right now, I'm in the paranoid and frantic phrase and it is mildly draining; I have this next week off so I am resting; my support system has been so strong for me in this and that is helpful so this is my thanks to everyone.  ♥

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