Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Impressions Friday (4)

First Impressions is a meme hosted here at Within Pages where we take a look at all things, mostly booky, and reflect on our initial thoughts. Non-bloggers, non-book bloggers, and everyone alike can participate. Feel free to drop your links or thoughts in the comments!

This week was the Book Expo America, though if you're a reader, you already know that as I participated in Armchair BEA. All the same, some very exciting information was revealed this week at the BEA: The Clockwork Prince cover! This was the talk of the book world on Wednesday when the cover model for Will from Clockwork Angel made the reveal!

This is a stunning cover, very in line with the rest of the books. The beauty of it lit up Twitter for Cassie Clare like Grand Central Station. Most people believe it is the most beauitful cover yet and it does feature Jem, who I absolutely adore. For this cover, I love the staff, the background, the runes, THE HAIR, but something makes it hold back in being my favorite cover.

His face is too much of a focus point for my eyes to be able to take in the whole picture. On Clockwork Angel, the colors are all subdued and matching but here, his face just sticks out too much, almost as if it is protruding from the page. He is hott, and there is no denying it is still a gorgeous cover, but the spotlighting seems to be just a little too much on his face and I can't take my eyes away from it.

I absolutely cannot wait until December to get my hands on this book, both series are absolutely phenomenal series and Cassandra Clare does such an amazing job at writing. For her adoring fans, she also gave us an amazing extra teaser for the month of May. Did I mention it was amazing?

Tessa pushed the carriage curtains aside. Outside she could see the gaslights going by in a yellow blur; two children were slumped in a doorway, leaning against each other, asleep. Temple Bar flew by overhead.

“Have you ever thought of transforming yourself into one of your parents?” Will asked. “Your mother, or father? It would give you access to their memories, wouldn’t it?”

She turned to look at him. “I have thought of it. Of course I have. But I have nothing of my father’s or mother’s. Everything that was packed in my trunks for the voyage here was discarded by the Dark Sisters.”

“What about your angel necklace?” Will asked. “Wasn’t that your mother’s?”

Tessa shook her head. “I tried. I — I could reach nothing of her in it. It has been mine so long, I think, that what made it hers has evaporated, like water.”

Will’s eyes were dark blue in the shadows. “Perhaps you are a clockwork girl. Perhaps Mortmain’s warlock father built you, and now Mortmain seeks the secret of how to create such a perfect facsimile of life when all he can build are hideous monstrosities. Perhaps all that beats beneath your chest is a heart made of metal.”

Tessa drew in a breath, feeling momentarily dizzy. His soft voice was so convincing, and yet — “No,” she said, sharply. “You forget, I remember my childhood. Mechanical creatures do not change or grow. Nor would that explain my ability.”

“I know,” said Will, with a grin that flashed white in the darkness. “I only wanted to see if I could convince *you*.”

Tessa looked at him steadily. “I am not the one of us who has no heart.”

It was too dim in the carriage for her to tell, but she sensed that he had flushed, as he did when startled or upset, across the tops of his cheekbones. To her surprise, he reached out a gloved hand for her. It just brushed the edges of her curls, the kid leather smooth against her cheek — and the carriage wheels came to a jerking halt. They had arrived.
--Clockwork Prince c. Cassandra Clare

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