Friday, May 13, 2011

First Impressions Friday (2)

First Impressions is a meme hosted here at Within Pages where we take a look at all things, mostly booky, and reflect on our initial thoughts. Non-bloggers, non-book bloggers, and everyone alike can participate. Feel free to drop your links or thoughts in the comments!

Breaking Dawn Part I

What is wrong with Alice's hair!? Seriously!? I mean she is supposed to have a really cute pixie cut and that is anything far from it; it kind of goes back to the weird style she had in New Moon and I am not a fan.

As for the honeymoon pictures, it kind of makes me jealous that Esme Isle doesn't really exist because someday, I will have my own honeymoon and I am sure it is a beautiful place to visit! I also notice a lack of bruising from the love scene. It seems that they have decided to tone down some of the scenes for the movie version, when I am sure it reaches a bigger audience but....perhaps it may also reach a younger audience. In an interview with Entertainment Weeky, Kristen Stewart said, "It feels like a real love scene, not necessarily vampire-y, which is good." Well, I am not watching for a lovey-dovey perfect human relationship (cough). But at least the wedding looks spectacular from what I can gather!

My last thought is what is up with the blondes? Are they the Denalis? Because...I kind of always pictured them much more attractive than that.

Nonetheless, I am still insanely excited to watch the movie and still curious as to how they will split it into two different parts.

If you're interested in Breaking Dawn Part I and enjoy these pictures, check out the wallpapers crafted at Novel Novice.

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