Saturday, May 28, 2011

Armchair BEA: The End

This week has been absolutely phenomenal fun while I have been participating in the Armchair BEA event. I would like to say that next year I will be going to BEA but in truth, I'm going to be sitting right here on my outdated floral couch wrapped up in, maybe a different blanket! I had a great time listening to the discussion panel on Wednesday, checking out all the floor coverage, and writing all the daily topic posts. The giveaway for Summer and the City remains open until June 3rd and Armchair participants get extra entries but you don't have to be a participant to enter. On top of it all, I even won a prize from the Thursday Morning Twitter Party! The organizers have all been incredibly warm and welcoming, not to mention patient while I asked all my newbie questions. I came across amazing new bloggers and have gained some new readers as well, I hope that to all my new readers, you really do enjoy yourselves here!

Sadly, I did not have the opportunity to participate in the topic posting for Thursday and Friday. I had an emergency come up and I was unable to get everything written and scheduled (I have a posting plan, but I don't schedule many posts). So for that you can expect to see a couple more posts today including First Impressions Friday where I talk about the Clockwork Prince cover that was revealed at BEA this week and Follow Friday where I continue to spread more love amongst the blogging community.

It was really a great chance for me to get to know a lot of the book bloggers and for me to be so new, nearly 2 months old, I find that has strongly influenced my desire to make this blog work and work for me. Using this event and my love of reading, I have gained more wisdom than I thought was possible for my own desires and passion that is reading and it has helped me foster a healthy life decision.

In a parting thought, I still wanted to share the biggest tip that I can for bloggers...

Blog for yourself.

The moment that you feel you're obligated, it is no longer a hobby and no longer fun and you will find yourself miserable. When situations come up, accept that it is OKAY not to make a post, your readers are people and they know you're a person too. If you're not happy with something, fix it; I'm the queen of this but if you're not happy doing it, your readers will know and it will effect everything about your blog. Be strong. Be proud. BE YOURSELF.

Happy reading Armchair goers. The best of worlds are always found Within Pages....

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