Thursday, July 7, 2011

Julie Kagawa at Fandom Fest

So I have been reading The Iron Fey series and I have absolutely loved all three books. I have made it a point that, when I buy my eReader, the two half books in the series will be my first reads! But what is even more exciting is that I recently learned two facts:
  1. In Louisville, Kentucky, approximately an hour away from where I live, is an event called Fandom Fest. Just a neat little convention of all things geeky.
Give me a moment to contain my excitement.

She will be speaking on two different panels:

YA Explosion!: Yes, the Young Adult fiction market is a monster! It makes up one of the biggest sectors of the publishing industry. Come and find out more about the YA market from authors who write it. What has made it so popular? What makes a novel classified as Young Adult? This panel will address these topics and more.

Where First Time Novelists Go Wrong: This panel is very valuable for unpublished authors, as it will explore the common mistakes that first time novelists tend to make. Save yourself some time and frustration if you are a first time novelist by coming to this panel!

Both of these sound like phenomenal discussions!

And so begins the excited blubbering. What do you SAY to someone that awesome?! Hi, my name is Leila and I stalk you on twitter? No, no, and definitely not... Hi, I'm like your number one fan!!! Like they've never heard that before...

I'm such a fan girl.

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