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Harry Potter: The End to an Era Movie Review

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Since 2001, Harry Potter movies have been a part of our lives. We have watched the most fantastical magic trio grow up on the big screen, we've been a part of their lives as they have ours. Now, ten years later, this wonderful cinematic era is coming to a close. These eight movies have taken us on a thrill ride of greatness; there were times we cried, we laughed, we cheered, and even times the fanatics booed when something was left out. From all walks of life, from all facets of geekery and reading passion, Harry Potter has brought together a community.

Book to movie adaptations can be spot on or terribly defect in their conversions. This series has had its share of cinematic successes and failures. Director David Yates, directing four of the eight movies, has had a brilliant run of glory, ending a cinematic phenomenon with such a magnificent display of cinematography. His artistic genius is accompanied by screenwriter, Steve Kloves, who scripted seven of the movies.

Picking up from the moment Part I ended, this movie is thrilling from the depth of action. Book readers can attest to the authenticity this story emanates from start to finish. It rips the story from the pages of the book and throws them onto the big screen in the most brilliant array of illustrations.

This movie alone served to return us to the magic that is the Boy Who Lived and the world that J.K. Rowling invented and developed. They spared no expense to give the movie-goers the experience of a lifetime; the most spectacular, moving, and powerful good-byes this generation has ever seen.

The casting for this series has always been the most phenomenal job;seeming to pluck the images of the characters straight from our imaginations and into real-life. From the leading characters to the supporting characters, they were all magnificently well placed and incredibly perfected.

Each character grew as the actor grew; the depth of the actor connection was deeper with every installment. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson were stunning in all eight movies as the three leading characters. Regardless of plot, screenplay, or intimacy, these young actors performed with the most magical and profound acting, tried and true to their characters.


Other actors including Matthew Lewis, Maggie Smith, Jason Issacs, Tom Felton, Richard Harris (R.I.P.), Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, and so many more were all amazing in each roll they were chosen for. Even some of the latest additions to the cast including Bill Nighy, Ciaran Hinds, and Guy Henry succeeded under the mass expectations set forth by the preceding films.

But no other actor performs as profoundly accurate and superb as Alan Rickman. His portrayal of Severus Snape in all eight movies has been a phenomenon in and of itself. He has shown his artistic soundness through the avid facial expressions and moments that Severus Snape has experienced. He is an integral part of the plot that unfolds within this conclusion; Alan Rickman has the fortunate opportunity to perform in one of the most moving scenes this film has to offer. His unwavering performance over the past ten years has been monumentally perfect.

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Overall, this ending to era of our lives was moving and epic. It included all aspects that we love in movies and all of them that we loved in this book. It has been a phenomenal thrill ride and this film has left my heart empowered. While most fans are full of longing, this movie provided us with a new type of magic, one that will give our imaginations the power to grow and foster a wealth of creativity; the power of good-bye.

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