Friday, August 5, 2011

Facebook Interaction for Within Pages

Recently, Candace asked whether it was beneficial to have a facebook page for your book blog. I have pondered the question recently. I see a lot of Book Blogs that network blog their facebook page it allows for another way for readers to get the information; and for a long time, that is all my tiny page was used for.

But with the other blog I help write (Kentucky Geek Girl), we use that Facebook page to put out questions to the readers, and interact with them in a way that is more micro-focused that on the blog alone. On a blog you have massive and informative posts that allow for comments on discussion on that massive post. 

But what Facebook allows, is miniscule posts that generate general conversation allowing the blogger(s) to interact and get to know their readers. The KGG Facebook page has received phenenomenal response for our short time having it.

Now while Within Pages Book Blog only has 26 likes (read: please like me! haha) I have decided to use it as a small book news bulletin and interactive scene with readers. There are always small things to tell you guys like free eBook alerts or release days for authors, etc. and that is the place to find out all that information. This week I used Facebook to wish Victoria Schwab a Happy Release Day! I also announced that Waterfall by Lisa Bergen was available for free eBook download as well as Firelight by Sophie Jordan being on sale!

I really hope that this is a beneficial integration and I encourage you all to stop by the Facebook page for a like to keep up on the small tidbits like that!

Thank you all very much for your support!

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