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Review: It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken by Greg Behrendt & Amiira Rutola-Behrendt

It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken by Greg Behrendt & Amiira Rutola-Behrendt

Publisher: Broadway (September 5, 2006)
Age Group: Adult
Pages (Hardcover): 288
Source: Library
ISBN-13: 9780767921961
Genre: Non-Fiction (Dating)

There’s no doubt about it—breakups suck. But in the first few hours or days or weeks that follow, there’s one important truth you need to recognize: Some things can’t and shouldn’t be fixed, especially that loser who dumped you or forced you to dump him. It’s called a breakup because it’s broken, and starting right here, right now, it’s time to dry your tears, put down that pint of ice cream, log out of his e-mail, and open this book to Chapter One–and start turning your breakup into a breakover.

From Greg Behrendt, the co-author of the smash two-million copy bestseller
He’s Just Not That Into You, comes It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken--the ultimate survival guide to getting over Mr. Wrong and reclaiming your inner Superfox. From how to put yourself through “he-tox,” to how to throw yourself a kick-ass pity party, Greg and his wife, Amiira, share their hilarious and helpful roadmap for getting past the heartache and back into the game.

Complete with an essential workbook to help you put the crazy down on paper and not take it out into the world, It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken is a must-have manual for finding your way back to an even more rocking you.


Greg and Amiira have lightened my heart with their stories; in a time where most of us think the end of the world is nigh, they show through testimonies and their own experiences that we might not have it so bad. This book is funny but entirely real. It tells us the things we need to hear when we may not have anyone else to do that. If you're open to the idea, it can snap you back to reality and be the changing point in your heart break.


Sometimes, we all have to take the self-help book plunge. After the end of a nearly six year relationship, I am glad that my first go at self-help came in the form of this little book. Greg and Amiira aren't psychologists who are trying to fix me the reader, they're simply sharing the stories of their biggest and most disastrous break ups along with some tips and thoughts on what they had to do to survive. Literally.

What this book brought me was the peace of mind that I didn't have it as bad as some. I don't find myself setting my ex's lawn on fire or opening his email, stealing his clothes, etc. The anonymous testimonials in this book was enough to let me find some sanity. But what was even more important was the way that Greg and Amiira wrote this book; their voice in their writing was as if they knew me. I know I am some anonymous reader they will never know about but I still felt like they were talking to me, they wanted me to feel better.

This book also offers some pretty solid advice; advice that seems to come from humans instead of textbooks. One of my favorite, home-hitting quotes opened up my eyes to a new facet of reality:
"A lot of the pain you are experiencing right now is actually fear. Fear of things being different then how you liked them, fear of never finding love again, fear of being alone, fear of having to fill your time differently. We're afraid of the unknown."
 How true that was and is; not only is it true after something like a breakup but it is true in life. That one statement gave me some powerful newfound strength and I jumped into things that I knew I had been putting off, knew I was afraid of doing; I got a tattoo, I pushed forward and became an extremely beneficial source at work, I moved, and more importantly I learned to separate. None of it was easy, I was always afraid of the repercussions or the negative reactions, etc. but that simple statement, one of thousands in a book, changed my entire perspective. 

This book was amazing, funny, and real and I would recommend it to anyone who finds solace in books and needs to something comforting. 

Favorite Quote:

"Breakups can often feel like a crisis. And a person's character can be measured by how they act in a crisis."

Rating out of 5: 

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