Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Identity Crisis: Reinvention!

At the beginning of the year, I admitted that I was unhappy with the idea of my blog title and concept. I was struggling with it and it wasn't helping that I looked at it disappointingly. Since then, I have been working extremely hard on a concept and idea to theme around. I wanted a handle, an idea, and a title. I sought out opinions, ideas, and advice from my friends, my library coworkers, and general bloggers whom I value.

This was the ending result! Within Pages has been completely converted into The Fiction Pixie. For the most part this change has been handled completely on my part. The feeds have been automatically updated with the information, the twitter page still exists but has a new name (@TheFictionPixie), goodreads is the same, the connect boxes updated, etc.

As far as email is concerned, I can still be contacted at as I have ongoing relations, but the new email reflects the permanency of the site changes:

It is important to note that the URL to this blog has changed: 

The only thing I was unable to automatically convert was the Facebook page. I was disappointed but I re-created a new Facebook page to match the "new" blog and would love it you could help me get it settled by liking the new page.

I've also created a new header and new grab button by myself in Gimp, and believe me, that is saying something! I think they're beautiful!

I have not been this excited for something in a while. I remember in the beginning the new squees for a new blog, but this is different. This is more than a new blog for me and I hope that you are willing to continue to join me in this final change. Have I mentioned how excited I am?

If you poke around the site and see anything that needs to be fixed or adjusted, please don't hesitate to let me know. I really hope you all enjoy the changes as much as I already am! I'm done rambling now!

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