Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Impressions Friday (16)

First Impressions is a meme hosted here at Within Pages where we take a look at all things, mostly booky, and reflect on our initial thoughts. Non-bloggers, non-book bloggers, and everyone alike can participate on any topic you'd like. Feel free to drop your links or thoughts in the comments!

Divergent Book Two: Insurgent Cover Reveal

Unlike the first book, this cover is dark with the skies of a dystopian world. What an ominous picture for the setting of Veronica Roth's new release in the Divergent Trilogy.

The emotion that I get from this cover is one of struggle, hopelessness, despair, and war. Having read the first book, I know those are all appropriate themes that I should be able to take away from the cover. With the tree spinning as it is in the center, I feel that it is saying something about the cycle of life, or as a theme in the book, the cycle of human nature.

One choice can destroy you.

What are we chosing? What decisions face Four and Tris and the rest of the characters in Insurgent? The very definition of insurgent tells us we should expect a thrill ride of adventure this time from Roth. I can't wait!

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