Thursday, June 7, 2012

Armchair BEA: Beyond the Blog

So today the topic up for discussion is how we go beyond the blog. Monetizing, freelancing, or other opportunities that come from our blogging. When I first thought about this I went directly back to the idea that I discussed in my networking post and I was a little bummed that I didn't have much else to say.

I don't have tips for monetizing, in fact I could use some. Being an Amazon Affiliate has wielded me a massive 4 cents. I don't have paid ads. I'm not even sure if I have enough clicks to host paid ads. So trying to talk about monetizing was not the way to go. Then I went meandering around and commenting when I left a comment that struck a cord and the idea popped into my head!

In my networking post yesterday, I wrote about how I felt my blog and book experience really helped give me an edge to get my job. Earlier, I was commenting about someone else having well rounded writing experience and is this type of experience that really can help give us the edge in an extremely competitive job market. So I explained that I when applying for bookish jobs (i.e. Library where I work now) I put book blogging on my resume. I've spoken to career specialists over my resume and they said it was an excellent idea because of its immediate relevancy to the posistion. I have worked countless hours on my resume and I have seen that it can be successful so I thought I would share with you the way book blogging appears on my resume in the hopes that it may help you as well. 

Book Review Blogger
              Lexington, Kentucky                                April 2011- Current
v  Employ high levels of professionalism contacting publishers and authors
v  Develop a strong knowledge of writing and grammar to create thorough reviews
v  Familiarize self with new releases of all genres within Young Adult fiction
v  Maintain a unique and personal creative space to store and display information
v  Demonstrate writing and analysis abilities to provide accurate and professional reviews to the public on popular teen selections
v  Read a thorough list of selections group to review and hone ability to provide recommendations

As you can see, this helps to show that books aren't just a job for me they are a passion; something that I dedicate my free time to as well. I also have recently found that I love resume counseling but don't have the extroverted personality to give connections enough for that to be a career option. But that is all I have, that little space on the page to take myself far beyond the screens of the blog! Best of luck to all of you!

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