Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kick Open the Door on 2012

I think it is more than obvious that life got in the way of my blog for a little while. It kind of got in the way of a lot of things. I could go through all the excuses but instead, this is a year of looking forward and I have to start somewhere. I would like to take a minute to share some visions for the future of this blog and resolutions that I have for 2012.

I now work at the library and this has considerably changed the literary experience that I get to have everyday! It is so thrilling and exciting to see some of the things that come through the library, especially one as mildly expansive as the one I get to be a part of.

What does this mean for the blog? 

It means one thing really. I work in Adult Materials and that means I come across a lot of other titles that in my massive love for YA, I would have never thought to try. This includes mostly fantasy but some nonfiction and general fiction too. So you, as my precious reader and friend, will see a bit more of a sprinkle of book review styles than simply YA. As always, the age group and genre will be published with the review.

What does that mean for me? 

This change allows me to enjoy being a book blogger and a reader. When I want to read something, I will simply do that. This allows me to expand my blog and my horizons and still read some of the exciting things the literary world holds. I am excited for the change. Speaking of there is a mild change in the name of this blog; I always had the vision for this blog and the tagline to explain that "Open a book for worlds of wonder exist...within the pages..." and so I have therefore added "the" to this blog. This change does not directly effect anything like the url but I did want to elaborate on it. 

Moving Forward

The 2012 clock has started ticking and here we are already three days in and in my greatest attempt to get things started, I heard the best news ever; I applied months ago to be a Kismet Blog Tour Host and yesterday, I got the confirmation of my acceptance, my official badge, and invitiations to the current tour sign-ups! What better timing than when I sit down so motivated and something this spectacular happens!? That is the first of many things.  I will be setting up a new look for the blog, wrapping up challenges, and 2011 business and settling in for a new year that is already off to a fantastic start! New computer, new year, new goals...new me!

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