Monday, November 7, 2011

Review: Flame of Surrender by Rhiannon Paille

Flame of Surrender by Rhiannon Paille

Publisher: Coscom Entertainment (November 1, 2011)
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages (ebook): 280
Series: The Ferryman & The Flame (Book 1)
Source: Author
ISBN-13: 9781927339022
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Website

Bloom the weed of temptation and expire the great garden of life. Bloom the flower of sacrifice and sustain the great garden in strife.

The boy who follows death meets the girl who could cause the apocalypse.

Krishani thinks he’s doomed until he meets Kaliel, the one girl on the island of Avristar who isn’t afraid of him. She’s unlike the other girls, she swims with merfolk, talks to trees and blooms flowers with her touch. What he doesn’t know is that she’s a flame, one of nine individually hand crafted weapons, hidden in the body of a seemingly harmless girl.

Rhiannon Paille has created a wonderful and solid world of fantasy in her debut Young Adult novel Flame of Surrender. This book features two established characters Krishani and Kaliel as they are coming of age and facing the prophecies they are predisposed to fulfill.

It is easy to find yourself immersed in this tale of triumph, sacrifice, and love. At the moment, I regrettably have had to abandon our heroes in their journey for this book requires full attention and isn't meant to be read in simplicity. It is in the author's description and introduction to the world, that exist a lot of high intensity vocabulary worlds, as with any self created world, and a lot of concepts to absorb. This type of reading is akin to the same intensity that can be found wtih reading epic fantasies from authors like Tolkien or George R. R. Martin.

This book is not for the faint of heart or the light reader. Immediately, you are thrown into the lives of established characters in an established world and you should expect to have to catch up on your own. If you have the opportunity to tackle this selection, it could open up a world of fantastic wonder for you, but for some others, you may find yourself irrevocably lost which is where I found myself.

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