Thursday, July 26, 2012

Proud & Heartfelt Goodbyes

It is with the greatest honor and regret that I find myself writing this post today. I have thought long and hard about this decision before deciding to act upon it. This is news to pretty much everyone except me but I have decided to give up book blogging for the moment.

I really sat down and reflected on why I started this blog and what I was wanting to get from it.

When I first started this blog it was because I was finding myself lost in book blog world and I wanted a way to be a part of the book community and surround myself with wonderful books and a place to talk about them. It wasn't for the free books or the "fame" it was for sheer self enjoyment. To be honest, I was also having a difficult time filling all my free time that I had found myself with and I missed blogging.

So the place I find myself in now is quite different then the place I was a little over a year ago. I work in the library now. Contrary to popular thought, this is actually detrimental to my book blogging because I work and talk books everyday and I love it, that means that blogging doesn't fulfill that for me anymore, it isn't something I turn to now. I am also overwhelmed with amazing new books of all genres and sometimes it exhausts my brain.

I also have a healthy balance of activity in my life now that includes work, friends, and getting to know a little bit more about myself. I am also trying very hard for a promotion at work on top of getting into new activities that fuel my geek life.

This has been a stellar year albeit it has been full of ups and downs. I don't intend to give up books (Such a thought is blasphemous!) and in fact I don't even intend to give up reviewing but I don't have the time to dedicate the other research for other posts and interesting information. I doubt this is a permanent step for me, I really love blogging but for now lay it to rest.

I would really love to keep in touch with every one of you; I am turning Goodreads into my source of reviews and connections. If you'd like, I would love to have you on my friends list there, so look me up! I'm also going to be a blog reader, even if I am the silent type.

Don't stop believing in the pixies :)

Love and hugs,

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